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The Jade Mat


The Jade Mat provides deep penetrating healing benefits, with a special layer that protects you from electro-magnetic field energy, as well as another layer that produces negative ions, making the energy around you more positive.

These negative ions, also called "Vitamins of the Air":

1. Help to detoxify the body

2. Enhance circulation by speeding up the growth of new cells

3. Strengthen your immunization system

4. Help to stabilize your nervous system



Losing weight can be vital to improving health. But, it is difficult to lose weight if your body is loaded with toxins, and your metabolism is damaged. The far infrared heat of the jade mat will stimulate that cardiovascular workout. Many toxins are stored in our fat cells that we acquired by breathing polluted air, eating packaged food, drinking acidic beverages, alcohol, smoking etc. This is a protective measure that the body uses to protect vital organs. Using the far infrared heat helps you melt this fat, allowing the toxins to be excreted more quickly. The far infrared mat releases the toxins that are in your fat, and can improve intestinal functioning. Also, as many as 600 calories are burned per session through increased heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate increase.


Symptoms of toxicity:




Burning skin


Brain fog

Chronic fatigue

Chemical sensitivities


Frequent colds or flu


Loss of dexterity

Low body temperature

Memory loss

Mood swings

Muscle and joint pains

Poor concentration


Benefits of detoxification: Weight loss, pain relief, increased alertness and energy, lustrous skin, brighter eyes, and enhanced immunity.


DETOX TREATMENT: *This 60 minute treatment on the Jade Mat starts with a 30 minute detoxification cupping treatment on the back, with a special essential oil blend to speed metabolism/cell turnover. Client is then wrapped in blankets and listens to meditation music while the jade mat continues the detoxification process. Hot towels are provided after treatment.*



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